AllerQuest is delighted to announce that Pre-Pen® was approved for marketing by the FDA on September 18, 2009, and that we have entered into a partnership with ALK-Abelló who will market Pre-Pen® in the United States, and eventually world-wide.

A joint press release for the two companies was issued on September 30, 2009 and is reproduced below. It contains web-links to additional information about Pre-Pen® availability. We are grateful to the many supporters of this development project, and pledge our ongoing diligence in producing a quality-assured and dependable skin testing product.

AllerQuest, LLC

PRE-PEN Announcement

AllerQuest, LLC announces that PRE-PEN® has been acquired by the pre-eminent allergy pharmaceutical company ALK-Abelló, effective January 2, 2024.  ALK-Abelló is now the sole manufacturer and distributor of the only FDA-approved diagnostic skin test available for the evaluation of penicillin allergy (see for announcement from ALK-Abelló). ALK-Abelló has been the distribution partner of AllerQuest, LLC for more than 14 years.  Going forward under ALK-Abelló’s stewardship of PRE-PEN®, allergists and other healthcare providers will continue to receive a safe and effective diagnostic agent to exclude the presence of penicillin allergy in patients mislabeled as penicillin allergic (see for instructions for the use of PRE-PEN® and for prescribing information). Orders for PRE-PEN® may continue to be placed via ALK Customer Service at 800.325.7354. Your local ALK allergy consultant can assist with any other needs you may have.

About ALK

ALK is a research driven global pharmaceutical company focusing on allergy
treatment, prevention and diagnosis. ALK is the world leader in allergy vaccination (immunotherapy)—a treatment that induces a protective immune response which reduces and potentially halts the allergic reaction.
Further information is available at

About AllerQuest, LLC

AllerQuest’s mission is to develop skin test reagents to safely and accurately identify patients who are at risk for potentially life-threatening reactions to penicillin antibiotics. The company strives to ensure a reliable source of high quality test reagents to assist physicians in the diagnosis of penicillin allergy.


In the USA, around 10% of population – or 30 million people – are medically labeled as allergic to penicillins. More than 90% of patients who consider themselves allergic to penicillin are not really allergic when assessed by skin testing. This means almost 9 out of 10 patients can safely take penicillin and related products.1

Why the Misconception:

  • Symptom confusion
  • Immune system changes
Penicillin products are a group of safe, effective antimicrobial agents that have fewer adverse effects than many stronger alternatives (ALTERNATIVE) antibiotics. Most penicillin products are more affordable than alternative antimicrobial agents.

Why it matters:

  • Costs
  • More appropriate treatment, more specific and fewer side effects
  • Combat antibiotic resistance

1. Salkind,  JAMA May 16, 2001 – Vol 285, No 19